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Bay Area fishing is what we’re all about! SanJoseBass.com was originally founded in 2005 after I was unable to locate an online resource with specifics centered around some of our local (San Jose) fisheries. Some other websites had some small tidbits here and there, but there really wasn’t anything with substance. So I went online and bought the domain name and the rest is history…

While Bay Area fishing is our primary focus, I’d like to think the SJB Forums are the true heart and soul of this online community. With over 1000 members and over 50,000 posts we’ve got a plethora of information and a bunch of level-headed folks that are willing to provide advice to both experienced and non-experienced anglers. We cover freshwater fishing, local fishing reports, classifieds and more… and our saltwater forum has one of the longest running posts (over 9 years!) in regards to Marina Beach stripers (Thanks Glenn!).

So take a look around, make yourself at home and enjoy the new and improved SanJoseBass.com. Thanks guys! – Marce

Coyote Lake

This 4,595-acre regional recreation area, nestled in the hills east of Gilroy, CA, features a 635-acre lake for fishing and boating. Coyote Lake has a “world-class” population of Black Bass, as well as bluegill, black crappie, and Eurasian carp.

Anderson Reservoir

Anderson Lake County Park is the site of Santa Clara County’s largest reservoir. The 3,144-acre Anderson Park also features the Coyote Creek Parkway multiple use trails, the Jackson Ranch historic park site, the Moses L. Rosendin Park, and the Burnett Park area.

Calero Reservoir

Calero County Park is one of Santa Clara County’s most diverse regional park and recreation areas. Once part of the Pueblo lands of San Jose, and Rancho San Vincente land grant, this approximate 4,455-acre park is nestled in the eastern foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.